About us

An Overview

The showroom of Lalchnd Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. Is, perhaps, only one of its kinds that transcends the borders of regionalism and offers the finest collection of jewellery from across the country and abroad. Contemporary, yet rooted in tradition, the showroom transformed the conventional concept of a jewellery store with an area split into three floors displaying more than 13,000 collections of ornaments with more than 100 sales staff in attendance.

Apart from jewellery, the showroom also houses some of the best international-brand designer watches for both men and women. Aesthetically finished, the outlet not only creates the perfect ambience, but has also distinguished itself with its range of products, purity standards and excellent customer relations.


A man with myriad shades, Sunjoy Hans is everything put together: a good father, a husband, a companion besides being an accomplished jeweler, a promising hotelier. "I have always wanted the best in life even if it entailed a lot of effort, toil and difficulties"is his refrain.
And challenges are something that this energetic entrepreneur loves to take up and surmount. "Pin me down and it will bring out the best in me. So if you ask me what I really look forward to, I would say challenges any day!"